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Jesus Wants the Rose!

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Genesis 3:11: "Who told you that you were naked?"

About a year and three months ago I was at YWAM Orlando completing a DTS. During this time in my life I was completely overwhelmed about how many things I had to fix about my things. I was trying really hard to stop having sex, I had a very bad pride issue, I was addicted to porn, I HATED my father, and I felt like I was trying to fix all these things at once. One morning Jessie Anderson, one of my DTS leaders told me he had a vision of me the night before at a bench press trying to lift weights that were obviously too heavy for me. I was desperately trying to lift the weights and kept saying, "I can't do this!", "This is too heavy!", only God was standing there and asked , "Who told you that?", "Who told you that you can't do this, or lift this weight?", "Did I say that it was too heavy?" I was consciously choosing to believe that I couldn't overcome all the issues in my life, when God was clearly saying that I could.

You may be in a similar circumstance, making reason as to why you think you can't

And maybe God is asking you the same question, "Who told you that?"

Who told you that you're not beautiful?
Who told you that you have to be afraid?
Who told you that you can't trust me?
Who told you that you can't overcome this obstacle in your life?

Who told you that? Certainly not me.

Why is it so difficult to believe what God says about us? Why is it so hard to believe what his Word says about the power and authority and victory we have over sin and Satan? Maybe we need to ask ourselves why we believe certain things about ourselves and where is the source of the information we have. So, today you have the option of believing and listening to what Satan and maybe other people have said about you, your self worth, your potential, your future, or you can believe what God thinks of you. You can find reasons to doubt, to not forgive, to be overwhelmed, to fear, and not believe in God or yourself. But you can also find reasons to believe God wants to use your life to change the world, that your problems are not to difficult to bear. You can always find reasons to have faith and hope when you are listening to what God has said about you and your life.

John 8:32 says, "Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free"
John 8:44 says, "When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies."

Ask yourself this question, "What are the lies that I believe about myself?" Do you have low-self esteem? It's because you believe something about yourself that you didn't hear from God. If you can prove to me that God said you're ugly than I guess you can prove me wrong. The number one thing the enemy has always used to defeat people are lies. He lied to Adam and Eve and he lies to us. You have the CHOICE to believe him or believe God. The sad reality is that it's easier for some reason to believe Satan. You can receive freedom by accepting the TRUTH.

Jesus often said in the four Gospels, "You have heard it said... But I tell you the truth..."

This is maybe a template for freedom and healing. So fill in the blank. "I have heard it said that I can never be used by God because the sins I've committed are so bad. But Jesus tells me the truth that as long as I confess my sins he is faithful and doesn't even remember them."

Your lies probably aren't the same as mine so please fill in your blank and come back Saturday for a sweet video.


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Questions. Where are you?

For the most part Christians approach the Bible with all their questions. We come to God with all the things we want to figure out. We have questions about God, about the world, about science, about our future. We come to God and the Bible with loads of questions, but have you ever stopped and considered that instead of the Bible being a place we come to get our questions answered, the Bible is really the only book with the ability to ask you questions. We come to the Bible with questions, but if we are honest with ourselves the Bible and the Spirit have this ability to look into who we really are and ask us the questions.

For the next couple of weeks I'll be blogging as part of a series entitled Questions. I'll be looking at the places in Scripture where God asks us questions. This is part one.

In Genesis 3 God asks two very poignant questions. The first is: Where are you? The second: Who told you that you were naked? And God is still asking us those two questions today, they may sound different but essentially they're the same. It blows my mind how deeply God longs to be in relationship with us, he absolutely knows where we are... but he asks anyway. The first question may seem simple but it's pretty profound. Ever since the first mistake humans have had a natural inclination to run or hide from God as a response to their sin, and what God is really saying here is: Why are you hiding from me? Maybe we really don't understand the love of God, that our sin doesn't cause him to love us any less, and really whether we want to acknowledge it or not HE'S STILL THERE. Poor Adam really thought he could hide, but so do we. How hard is it to pray right after you've sinned, or fell to that temptation that gets you every time. The presence of God is there when you fall and even if you don't want to acknowledge it... He's there. So next time you come from your girlfriend's house after going "farther" than you both said you should, He's asking... Where are you? Next time you check that pornography site. Where are you? Next time you gossip. Where are you? In your attempts to ignore God because you're in a bad mood. Where are you? He's asking you constantly because he wants us to trust his love enough that we can run to Him at all times. So many times non-believers say things like, "I'm going to get my life together then I'll do the GOD thing." But Christians say the same thing in our subtle language. "God will love me more once I change some things about myself".

So many times when we screw up we hear: "Get away", "I'm disappointed in you", "You should feel ashamed!" When really He's asking, "Where are you, come here so I can fix it, I miss you, I love you, you don't have to be ashamed, I forgive you."

Where are you? He's not asking because you've finally fixed enough things in your life or stopped sinning. He asks out of a genuine concern for why we run away from him or hide from him when we fall. "Where are you," is the cry of a father looking for his son in a crowded mall. He's upset his son ran off, but he's a lot more delighted to see his son when he finally finds him.

People only want to know where you are if they miss you. Is God asking where you're at? Maybe he misses you, stop hiding... He can see you silly

Next Wednesday: "Who told you that you were naked?"