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Friday, February 5, 2010

The Blog Is Back... By Popular Demand

Words are extremely powerful.

Last week I was meeting with my counselor, he interrupted me while I was speaking and started asking me a series of questions. After I answered he informed me that he thought I showed multiple symptoms of ADHD. Although I do complain about having a short attention span, I rarely feel as though my daily life and work is inhibited by ADHD. By the time I left his office I was fully convinced that I was plagued with the inability to focus, finish tasks, or sit still. I walked out of my counselor’s office ready to make an appointment with my doctor and get a prescription for Adorall. My counselor’s words worked, they affected me, because words are powerful.

A couple of days ago, I was telling my best friend Riis about my counselor’s “diagnosis”. I expected him to brush the comment off and say, “I could have told you that…” But surprisingly that’s not what happened. He didn’t believe that I had it. He was convinced that I didn’t… and somehow he convinced me too. Because words are powerful.

In a matter of four days I went from not caring about ADHD, to thinking everything in my life would soon change – from study habits to medication intake. Simply based on the words that had been spoken to me I believed two radically different pictures of myself. And will also choose to paint a different picture of myself.

My friend told me that really I was just lazy and bored and that even if I did have ADHD I should be thankful that self control is a fruit of the Spirit. I think he’s right… ADHD would have been a sweet way to get away with being disorganized and handing assignment in late. It’s much easier to have ADHD than it is to be self controlled, disciplined, and mature.

Whether I have ADHD is irrelevant. What I choose to do with the dreams and desires and gifts God has given me is completely in my control. I’m thankful for friends that speak life to my Spirit and guard my heart. Words are powerful. We literally have the power to tear down and build up the people around us based on the words we speak.

Surround yourself with good words… and you will flourish. Speak love and those around you will grow.

Thanks Riis