Dating Guide for Men

This is for all the guys out there that need a little help in the dating arena of life. We're no Hitch... but we're pretty good.

Step one: Get Girl. Dates are better when there's an accompanying female. Trust us.

Step two: Get a job. Enough said.

Step three: Watch Hitch. Seriously watch Hitch. It will make you confident.

Step two: Choose two things off the list. We suggest two part dates. Eating and an activity. Make sure you scout out the date before you go. Go to the place, find out where you're going to park, how much things cost etc... there's nothing worse than bad planning. You'll look like you have your life togehter if things go smoothly, even if you really don't.  With no further adieu... here's the list.

1.) Codzilla --  Get ready for more thrills, more laughs and more speed than you ever imagined as you zip across the ocean at up to 40 miles per hour. Don't worry, though; a ride on Codzilla is as entertaining as it is thrilling. The wind roars. The music blares. And the waves will splash during a wet and wild 40-minute ride of full blast, sensational fun.

2.) We suggest The Tomb as a group date -- Do you remember that TV Game show, Legends of the Hidden Temple? This reminds us of that. It's a fun interactive, entertaining group date. Don't make this a first date though... that would be an epic fail.

3.) Lucky Strike Bowling Alley is at the top floor of Jillian's acros from Fenway. It's a very cool environment and a little competition is great on dates. But please don't get mad if the girl wins. You won't look cool, trust us. Being too competitive s scary and weird.

4.)Sundays at the Lizard Lounge there's a poetry slam. If you know that the lovely lady like poetry you should do this. If there happens to be an open mic... please DO NOT RECITE YOUR POETRY if it's not good. Remember... you want to impress the girl, not embaress her.

5.) Salsa Nights!!! This is a personal favorite of mine (Manny). On Saturday evenings at Ryles Jazz Club there's is salsa dancing on the top floor. If you cannot salsa do not fear!!! There's a lesson before-hand. This is a lot of fun, but shouldn't be a first date. You want to feel comfortable with the girl before you start getting hot and heavy with her on the dancefloor. Just saying.

6.) The Beehive is a cool little spot. Great food and live music venue. There also happens to be salsa dancing Sunday nights.

7.) If you want to prove a woman that you're mature and sophisticated with great style and taste. and that you're not cheap head over to Scullers Jazz Club. There are tons of great artist that come through Scullers. The one time I went there was an artist by the name of Hiromi... and she was unbelievable. Check her out and chek out Scullers... it right on Storrow Drive over looking the Charles River inside of Double Tree Guest Suites.

8.) Do you really want to prove that you're cool? Do you want to spend an hour in your car driving to th coolest date activiy ever? You need to check out Sky Venture. Is the girl you're interested in adventurous? If so... go fly baby. And on the drive back grab something to eat. Maybe tell her to bring a change of clothes... make a whole day out of this. Bur please, eat after... not before. You'll thank us.

9.) Did you know that Boston had a Gondola? Neither did we... but now we all know and can get hitched. Gondola di Venezia "recreates the authentic splendo and romance of the ancient Venetian tradition on the Charles River at the Esplanade in Boston." To me... this is pretty out of the box and cool. We haven't tried this one out yet... but I will before the summer is over.

10.)  Blue Man Group will be the coolest thing you ever see in Boston. That may be an overstatement, but you should still go. It's a little pricy, but it's worth it if you know the girl and really want to make a great impression. Make sure you do something afterwards that's low key so you can talk, because there will be no talking during Blue Man Group. BMG is right on Charles St in the theatre district in Boston.

Ten is enough for now... we have to keep some of our secrets to ourselves.

More to come.