About Us

Manny Arango
Age: 22
School: Gordon College

I don't have a job... but I'm always busy. I'm not a pastor yet, but I do preach a lot. I'm not a missionary but somehow I've been around the world.
My life is pretty extraordinary... I'm not exagerating. My life is not normal by any means, and I like it that way. It makes for interesting blog posts...

Riis Lewis
School: Umass Boston
I'm currently studying in Brisbane, Australia (it's as amazing as it sounds).  I work as a healer in a Boston area Emergency room...and by healer I mean I answer the phones :).  I love watching movies and good conversation.  I have a huge heart for college age ministry and I plan to do it for a long time.  Oh yeah... I'm DREAMer, I DREAM BIG and you should too