Wednesday, December 24, 2008


A week ago, in a move to truly reflect the diversity of our nation, President-Elect Barack Obama chose Rick Warren to perform the invocation at his inauguration next month.

Of course the gay and lesbian community was not thrilled about this, because of Warren's conservative stance on gay marriage. As was predictable "the vitriolic gay response revealed the ugly face of gay and lesbian stridency and strong arm tactics to try and force their views on the majority of Americans who do not agree with them on their key issues."

Two things were not so predictable. 1) The negative response by conservative Christians 2) The negative response by African Americans

It's unbelievable to me that conservative Christian gave an uglier response to Obama's decision than gay and lesbian activists did. Why are conservative Christians so upset that Rick Warren would PRAY FOR OUR PRESIDENT ELECT? Doesn't Christ teach us to pray for our leaders, much less to pray for our enemies? I would have never thought that praying for the president was such a sin.

On the other hand, African Americans are upset because Obama chose a white pastor to preform the invocation. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Barack Obama's win is definitely a major leap forward for African Americans, but it's also a major leap forward for unity, justice, healing and reconciliation in our broken and fragmented country. Sorry if this hurts people's feelings...but Obama's win is not an excuse for African Americans to be racist toward whites. Obama chose a white pastor...and that's fine with me.

Hopefully we can begin to walk in a new day...where conservatives can pray for their liberal Democratic president. A new day...where homosexuals don't feel threatened and upset by the mention or presence of Christians. A new day...where blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics, and everyone else can get along and unite under a common purpose. A new day...where the victory of a black man, isn't only celebrated by African Americans, but by all who believe in equality, freedom, hope, reconciliation, and unity. A new day...where even African Americans confront their own racial prejudices and rejoice in Obama's inauguration without taking issue with the color of the man's skin performing the invocation.

It's a new day...but are we all really ready for the challenges of change and the road to reconciliation? I hope so!


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