Friday, January 23, 2009

This Is The Thing About Relationship

The other day my friend said that it seemed so weird when people expressed they were angry, upset or confused with God. It just didn't seem like the way to relate to God.

If you approach a relationship with Jesus in any other way than you approach your relationship with any other person, than your missing it. We can all pretend like we have a relationship with God, when truly we treat God as if He's completely transcendent, totally somewhere else, and the truth is that's not a relationship. God created us human and relates to us on human terms. His desire to relate to us on human terms was so deep that He became one of us, and still is. Jesus knows what it's like to be angry, so you can get angry with Him. He knows what its like to feel disappointed, unsure and afraid. Therefore you never have to pretend like you have it all figured out, or as if everything is OK. God not only understands but has a solution.

Have you ever been in a relationship with a person, and they're mad at you but won't tell you why. Isn't that a frustrating feeling. Have you ever been in a relationship and you feel like the other person just never really expresses how they truly feel. Maybe that's what it feels like for God when we refuse to just be real, and honest with Him. He's not surprised, intimidated, or offended by any of your questions, fears, insecurities, doubts, misconceptions, or issues.

God is not the God that says we have to meet Him half-way. You don't need to get your act together before you can come to God. He's the God that comes 100% to where you are and starts a journey with you exactly where your at. There's nothing you need to achieve or fix, God only needs you to be honest about where you are. That's it...

Just because Christians don't always receive and accept people the way they are, doesn't mean that's true about God as well.

Come as you are... I bet He's waiting to hear your voice. His primary objective is not to fix your life or deal with your issues, God's primary objective is simply to have a relationship with you... no ulterior motives. You don't have to be an atheist to be far from God, being dishonest and fake is just as harmful to ANY relationship... especially yours and God's.


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