Thursday, February 19, 2009

Guest Blogger: Leslie Paul

The Church is the only institution on the planet that exist solely for the benefits of it's NON-MEMBERS... not it's members... Only if we made that true, maybe the secular world would actually respect us and listen to what we have to say. 

As Dr. Marv Wilson would say, "Put that in your theological pipe and SMOKE IT!"

...that's the truth and this is the thing!

Leslie Paul and Manny Arango 


n00bie51 said...

Is this the same Leslie Paul who said she would slap Manny with bibles? (:

Manny said...

oh yes! she's a legend...

Laura said...

Thanks for the link Leslie and I think what you say is a generalization. I am not Catholic but I would care if their church burned down. I am not Jewish but I would care if their synagoge (sp) burned down. One doesn't need to be Christian to care.
Same goes with dying. And Christians and non-Christians have both had impacts on my life.
Peace xx

leslie.paul said...

I agree many people would care if churches or synagogues burnt down.. but what I meant more was that communities around these place should be greatly impacted by them. Is my church really doing anything for the community it lives among? Yes communities would be sad to see these places burnt down but would it really effect them? As Christians or people who proclaim to be servants of God we should be constantly serving everyone around us. Why go to places across the world to help if we are not even helping the needy right where we are?

I am glad that you have been impacted by both Christians and non-Christians. All of us regardless of our religious affiliation should be seeking to help others around us daily. In the end that is the only hope a lot of people in this world have.

Laura said...

Good answer and I hope you can make a difference as you have suggested.

Food for thought and lets hope everyone does things to help their communities, small or large, quietly or with cymbals.

Good luck xx