Monday, March 30, 2009

For everyone who couldn't make it to evening chapel, or just wants to hear "Dirt and Water" one more time, it's here on my blog. I hope that this message brings freedom and healing to broken hearts.

Have fun digging... come back Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Nice job Manny, very effective analogy

Daniel 'Doulos' Lee said...

you know what i'm going to say but i have to say it again.

you rock.
your message was provoking.
and convicting and amazing.
god anoints the bite size ones with gifts to compensate for their size.

dan lee

Manny said...

you're freaking hilarious... love you dude. Thanks for the encouragement.

Isabella said...

Watched this after I followed the link on my Gordon email. I missed chapel this night but I am so glad there is a video that captured the powerful words you spoke. Your message was real and genuine. I admire your ability to speak honestly and I hope you keep using your gift with words to speak into others lives.