Thursday, September 10, 2009

Riots in Kampala

So, this is the thing... every tribe in Uganda has a King called a Gabaca. Uganda as a whole has a President. Today President Museveni didn't allow the Bugandan Gabaca (Buganda is the largest tribe in Uganda) to enter Kampala. This is a BIG NO NO... and riots followed. The Riots got so intense it made it's way to Mukono and no students were allowed to go to their families. We could literally hear gunshots... so we decided to record a video. Duh!


Charles said...

are all the host families ok? can you check if mama margaret ssekalongo is ok?

i'm pretty excited to see what you'll have to say about everything by the way. peace

Manny said...

Hey Chuck!!!

I will find out who's living with her and find out how she's doing...

I haven't had lots of time to write... but I have a lot going through my brain and I'm proccesing a ton... I write soon.