Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Family Matters...

Me, Brian, and Mama Aida.
...one time I saw Mama's boobs. Africans are pretty lax as far as hiding the boobs goes. I've actually seen lots of boobs while here because everyone breast feeds... in public. I've seen women whip 'em out at church, in traffic, in mid-conversation, at a wedding, generally whenever babies start crying get ready to see some boobies.

For the first two weeks in Uganda we called our little sister Lucy. No one corrected us. We eventually learned that her name is Ruthie... we hang out with her a lot because she's cool. She taught us how to do laundry and sometimes irons our clothes.

My baby brother Ronnie. One time he fell asleep on my chest... it was so cute and I felt like a dad. Then I felt something really warm on my stomach... Ronny had peepeed all over me. My t-shirt, my wife-beater, my shorts and my boxers were all soaked. I realized then that fatherhood could wait I'm very happy that I'm the youngest child.

Arianna is the youngest member of our family. She literally screams at the top of her lungs whenever I touch her, but she shut up long enough to let me get this picture.

I was really excited about the EvangeCube... I don't know why, it's actually pretty lame. I'm not sorry if that offends anyone.

I do this a lot. Thinking and reading takes up a huge chunk of my time, which is good for me because I'm normally quite dumb and in a rush.


StacieLynn said...

ok the picture of you with Arianna, you look SO much like your dad. Haha.

Keri said...

SOME BOYS have been wee-weeing on Manny! Haha! I love the pictures, the captions, everything. Looks like you're having an amazing time.

Josh H said...

Manny, you're fricking hilarious and yes, I agreed with Stacie; you're lookin alot like your pop wit that beard. I love it!

B-lin said...

These pictures are beautiful... Yeah yeah I'll get you to speak you foo. only using our friendship for my connection ;) come back soon! Love!