Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This is why I have big muscles

There is absolutely nothing worse than getting bad news from home when you’re helplessly far away. About 16 years ago my dad was diagnosed with kidney failure. When I was younger I spent countless hours at Massachusetts General Hospital visiting my dad for some reason or another… maybe he had an infection from dialysis… maybe he got sick from his medication… or because he developed some freak disease. I never really cared why my dad was there, I just remember hating the feeling that my hero had to trade his cape for a hospital gown, and my dad’s a hero, a real one (I’ll save that for another post).

I remember the menu at the hospital food court… I was a regular
I remember seeing my dad hooked up to a whole bunch of machines and tubes
I remember walking into a room and seeing a shell of the man who raised me
I even remember leaving a room thinking I may never see my dad again.

After 6 years of hospital visits, dialysis, and deadly infections my dad finally got a kidney transplant. The scars of his 6 years ordeal will never go away and the fight will always continue to some degree because there is always the chance your body rejects the new kidney, or the same process that shut down your old kidney shuts down your new one. But that’s a bridge you cross when you have too. I’m sure my dad would agree it’s a fair trade for getting to see his HANDSOME son and his BEAUTIFUL daughters grow up.

The 10 years since my dad’s transplant have truly been blessed. During that time my dad has come to know the Lord, we have grown really close as a family, and God has providing for us in every way. I can honestly say that I have the privilege of living in Godly home. God has really showed his faithfulness and commitment to my family during these years. I could literally tell you story after story of God’s power working mightily through us and for us. As a family we know without a doubt that He is faithful and He is good.

From the news I’ve received from home it looks like my family may have to cross some bridges and I must admit the thought that some of those memories may become my reality again makes me sad. I don’t know how things are going turn out, but I am sure of a few things. I’m sure that God has used the last 16 years of health, sickness, blessing, and hardship to strengthen me. I am sure that my “suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint ME, because God has poured out his love into MY heart by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given ME.” This is where my strength comes from; this is why I have big muscles. I know that that God will use all things to show his glory in my life. The promise is never that everything will always be great, the promise is that no matter what happens I will have HIM and HE is enough. HE is enough… and I’m sure of it.

Love, Life, Christ,


ameshach said...

He is enough! and you write beautifully!

J Hill said...

Beautiful post Riis...its hard sometimes to see look at the big picture or even to rememebr God's faithfulness when we start to go through something. You are keeping sight of the big picture and allowing the God who sustains to be there for you and that is challenging, admirable and beautiful!

Manny said...

Easily your best post so far. Beautiful piece my friend.

brendah said...

Best post Lewis. It is always good to listen and read people's testimony.....they keep on reminding you that you are not alone in this..or in that;and that gives u strength to move on. I believe in the power of testimonies....and that was a good one Riis.

yolandamichelle said...

Thank you for sharing your heart, it is evident that the word of God is ingrained, alive, and active in your heart and your life. Your family will be in my prayers!

F. Belt said...
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P. Hentermine said...
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