Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One Big Baby

When people are pregnant it seems to be a popular thing to take pictures of the mom every week or so to show people the progress. So consider this post an inside look into my pregnancy, or something like that.

From not getting a visa on time and missing multiple flights, to family issues, the Enemy has tampered with this process in more ways than I can share. Which means this must be a big baby - one too big for him to have ignored (By big, I mean important.)  But this seems to be how he operates, there are tons of big babies throughout the Scriptures and there seems to be a common thread...Adversity

Moses is almost killed as a baby.

Hannah is barren before having Samuel.

Abraham and Sarah are pretty much old as tree bark when God says He will give them a child. Sarah actually finds this hilarious as would any normal human, but all of a sudden you got Isaac running around looking like Abraham should be his grandfather's grandfather.

Not only does King Herod try to kill baby Jesus, but good ol' Mary was a virgin. There's no other way for me to describe this besides God simply showing off.

Rachel, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Samson's mother... you get the point right? 

Big Babies get Satan's attention... I've gotten used to it. The alternative is to just have small babies. There are lots of Christians with small babies... small vision, small dreams, small goals, small lives, small impact, small risks, small faith. They don't bother Satan and I actually think he leaves them alone too. Big babies draw attention, and they also hurt more, so I've heard. Not only does Satan attack, but our humanity rebels against our faith when we begin to carry a big vision.

Satan's attack on my life and my family has not stopped and if I know him well he will probably try HARDER. But if I know myself this means I'll become STRONGER and if I know God that means this baby is going to get BIGGER.
Walking by Faith, from Across the Pond
Manny Arango

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Hannah said...

AMEN. You are a writer, Manny.